The Online Casino Websites Security and Surveillance You Don’t See

Gambling involves money. Not just a small amount of money, but massive amounts that can add up to millions. The gambling industry is one of the most influential industries in the world, and it’s worth billions. That’s why when you go to any land-based casinos, they make sure that no one is cheating and that fairness is maintained in all casino games. When you watch movies about heists in Las Vegas casinos, you will find that they have tight security and security cameras everywhere. These are high-tech cameras that can detect if someone is trying to cheat. It can also zoom in on the player’s face.

But since the gambling industry is becoming more popular in the online world, developers need to look for a way to protect the business by preventing tech-savvy gamblers who want to cheat. If it involves vast amounts of money, some people will do forbidden acts to get rich and beat the system. It’s no wonder that Online Casino Websites are becoming one of the top targets for scammers ever since it was first established. That’s it’s crucial to remember the safety precautions that can help you avoid being victimized by these malicious people.

Aside from the latest SSL encryption security trends that can protect both your personal and financial information, there are many other technologies you don’t see. Casimboo is one of those gambling websites that offer top security, which you can check out at But land-based casinos are different and can be more dangerous, so let’s see what measures are taken to ensure your security prevent an online data breach.

License Plate Recognition

Before you can even enter the casino doors, your car is tracked and recognized by the system. The casino employees can find out all about you with just a few taps. It’s all thanks to the License Plate Recognition System, where the cameras catch every single car that enters the premises. With the optical sensors, you are instantly added to their database before even playing your favourite casino game. If the system finds any offence of gambling addiction, the security won’t let you step inside the premises.

Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is the newest addition to the security measures of land-based casinos. Some still need their security to do such checks, but the evolution of newer technology enabled these casinos to scan your face, take a snapshot, and analyse it in the database. If you don’t want your face to be added to the system, then you might consider gambling online with Casimboo.

Microchipped Chips

Chips are considered a currency in land-based casinos. In the outside world, chips are useless and don’t have any worth. But the appeal of these chips is massive because you can exchange these at the casino cashier. If you won a lot of chips during your poker game, then you might go home with a considerable amount of money. But because you can get these chips anywhere, some people might try to trick the casinos into exchanging fake chips into cash. Luckily, microchipped chips are now another security feature that can prevent anyone from cheating and stealing money from the casino.


TableEye21 is the last resort if the scammer manages to get past all the security checks mentioned above. Because once they reach the tables, they become entirely powerless. That’s all thanks to TableEye21, which is a combination of several technologies in one. There is an overhead video camera that slowly follows the action at the table. It can follow card counting masters. It overlays the video feed with real-time data of the chips wagered and cards dealt as it uses a blend of the information from RFID chips. After that, it will analyse the video. Thus, the casino representatives have all trend reports from the number of dealer rounds per hour to the player win percentage.